Ricardo Januário
Cello player for any Stage

Ricardo Januário, Classical Cellist, 

has studied  at the Music Conservatory of Utrecht, Holland, where he finished his course with distinction.

 He taught in schools, played in Orchestras and renowned formations, both in Portugal and abroad. 

He is currently a cello class teacher at the Pallco Performing Arts Music and Dance Conservatory, in the city of Porto, Portugal.

 He does solo concerts in Portugal and abroad, where he also conducts Master classes and Workshops. 

Ricardo Januário is a versatile musician approaching several musical styles. 

He has collaborated in concerts and recordings of albums by renowned artists. 

His current personal projects are: 

Ricardo Januário "Urban-Cello", INDIGO Ensemble, Brown and Black Duo and Ricardo Januário Solo. 

Ricardo Januário Solo: 

As the name implies, is a solo cello with a different approach to new sounds and new techniques. 

The repertoire is diverse, with original songs and original versions of well-known themes from great artists.

Ricardo tries to show the capabilities of his instrument completely solo without effects making the cello sound like we listen to a duo or a trio. 

Ricardo´s Neo-Classical compositions and versions try to sensitize people to this type of music and instrumentation. 

It can be said in a more classic or erudite language, very modern way.

Ricardo in is live performance has the goal to play to the audience with full love, focus, jokes, smiles, and make them understand his music completely.

He loves to make a intimate atmosphere.