instruments, bows, strings and equipment

He does not hold secrets.

See what Ricardo uses on is live performance.


AER Compact 60 

During many years I tried acoustic amplifiers.

since I tried AER compact 60 I never played in another amp.

This amp sounds good in any venue.

I never have trouble with the sound.

This amp sounds like the instrument by it self, we can make it as loud as we want without losing any quality in the sound.

I do love the reverb and Delay effects on this amp.

I have to say that is the biggest secret of my sound now.

I would advice any acoustic player to try this fabulous equipment.


Cellos owned by Ricardo Januário

Northwood college cello is the instrument R.J uses for teaching and for amplified performances.

"This instruments are great for conservatory students, at very low price.

My instrument is really well prepared by Master Luthier Miguel Mateus.

Very big sound and warm.

Very respectful for a student level instrument".

Old English Cello

Year 1799

This is a very beautiful and lovely cello.

Warm, focus, clear, big projection.

"I do not imagine myself playing classical music in other instrument.

I feel like this old boy is part of my body and soul.

I just love it".


SVC 110

Yamaha SVC 110

Great instrument to play with a band.

Ricardo Januário uses this instruments playing with bands and open air performance. 

NS Design


NS Design CR4

Ricardo Januário loves to play on this instrument, especially with live electronics.

Perfect travel cello to rock the venue.


The D´Addario Helicore.

Ricardo Januário uses this strings on his NORTHWOODS cello and Yamaha SVC110.

D´Addario NS 510

E-Cello Medium

Ricardo Januário uses NS strings on his NS Design CR4 Cello.

Perfect Set.

Kaplan Ks510

4/4 cello strings Heavy

Ricardo Januário favorite strings of all times for his concert cello.

The old English cello from 1799.


Kaplan premium light

Ricardo Januário uses this rosin in every bow.

Thumb Pick

For Pizzicato

The secret of Ricardo Januário Pizzicatos.

He can play strong and clear pizzicatos.

he uses thumb picks for is new technique, like fingerstyle.


D´Addario Planet waves

Very good cables and easy to fix on the road.


Boss RC-300

This is the partner of Ricardo Januário.

It makes him sound like an orchestra.